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A short parody of old school survival horror games. It contains the following tropes:

  • Fixed camera angles
  • Tank controls
  • Simple Puzzles
  • Basic Combat
  • Poorly voice acted dialogue & story (didn't quite make the cut)


  • Movement: WSAD, Arrow Keys, or Left Joystick
  • Aim: Z, Right Click, or Left Trigger
  • Shoot/Action: C, Left Click, or Right Trigger
  • Menu: X or Top Joystick Button (Y, Triangle, etc.)
  • Pause: Enter or Start/Menu Button on joystick
  • Run: L Shift, R Shift, or Left Joystick Button (Square, X, etc.)
  • 180 Degree Turn: Tap Run while moving backwards

(note: mouse input is required for some menus)

The entire game was created from scratch (+ a few creative commons assets) in October 2021 by mostly one developer in roughly 60 hours. The creation process was live streamed on my Twitch channel, backed up to my YouTube, and the source code is publicly available on my GitHub.


MrGoonsHouseOfDoom-Linux.zip 83 MB
MrGoonsHouseOfDoom-Mac.app.zip 81 MB
MrGoonsHouseOfDoom-Win32.zip 78 MB
MrGoonsHouseOfDoom-Win64.zip 80 MB

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